IFK Group               


NEF is part of the Investment and Financial Advisors (IFK) Group of six companies that are recognized as experts in their areas of activity: financial and investment advisory, legal and tax advisory, asset and business valuation, technical audit and design.


Membership to the IFK Group enables NEF associates and lawyers to offer their clients comprehensive and effective solutions aimed at delivering strong operating results and accomplishing the tasks at hand.

Graf Patsch Taucher law firm

The office of the Graf Patsch Taucher law firm is located in Vienna, Austria. Graf Patsch Taucher lawyers specialise in representing interests of foreign investors in Austria and elsewhere in Western and Eastern Europe. Graf Patsch Taucher is also a member of the PONTES international legal network, which provides legal services on integrated and cross-border projects to clients in the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary.