Resolution of business disputes    


Customised approach on a case-by-case basis, search for best possible solutions and development of an operating strategy for a company / group of companies / beneficiaries.

  • Analysis and optimization of existing corporate structure, organization of corporate relations

  • Company legal due diligence 

  • Expert review of all kinds of corporate documentation at every stage of a company’s life cycle, from incorporation to dissolution

  • Regulation of business relations at the level of owners/beneficiaries, shareholders agreements 

  • Protection of stakeholders against bad-faith actions by governance bodies or top executives

  • Incorporation, restructuring and dissolution of companies (irrespective of legal status) 

  • Advice on corporate decision-making procedures

  • Support of company’s corporate activities (shareholders' meetings, transactions approval, governing bodies elections and others)

  • Legal Support and carrying out (from preliminary analysis to actual performance) of stock transactions 

  • Development of options for investment in a business

  • Working out ways of investment in business on the part of beneficiaries, shareholders/ members)

  • Resolution of unconventional corporate matters

  • Review of potential dispute situation, development of best solutions

  • Representation of shareholders / participants / company executive bodies’ interests at every stage of corporate disputes (from initial negotiations through representation in court) 

Corporate support for investment projects, M&A     


  • Due diligence

  • Project / deal structuring

  • Project / deal documentation drafting

  • Negotiation support

  • Assistance with / control over project implementation / deal closing


Practice Professionals