About us         


Our passion for what we do is our best motivation to evolve and excel in helping our clients accomplish their goals effectively and efficiently. This passion led us to found NEF in 2009.


Our experience has taught us that effectiveness is maximized when a single team is responsible for both the financial and legal aspects of a project. This makes a comprehensive approach to solving problems possible. That is why, since foundation, we have been specializing in rendering of financial and legal services. 

We offer assistance and advice on a wide range of matters in various business areas, from tax dispute resolution and anti-trust law to M&A.


  • An absolute majority of our clients are referrals from other clients

  • Our team has a diverse background, with experience in working at advisory firms and industry, financial institutions and state bodies 

  • We provide services in German, English, Spanish and Russian 

  • Our clients include Russian and international companies: Efes, MediaMarkt, Scania, Barkli, 003.ru, Rostelecom, Russkie Produkty, IVECO, Vertu etc.

  • We render services to the Clients located in various countries - from Columbia to China 

Our principles


For many years we have kept to our business principles:


  • Comprehensive financial and legal approach to solving our clients’ problems


We believe that considering the financial and legal sides of a project simultaneously helps us to offer the best solution – because it enables us to take a multi-dimensional view of the task at hand.



  • Feasibility and effectiveness of our recommendations

Our recommendations can be implemented in a real-world. That is because we know every aspect of business. Our professionals have experience of working both in consulting companies and in industry.


  • Effectiveness and flexibility

We believe that nothing is impossible. Even in complicated and challenging situations, we keep looking for reasonable and effective financial and legal solutions for our clients, including bold and out-of-the-box suggestions.


  • Customized approach to your specific situation and business 

For us, no two projects are alike. Every client and every task deserve to be treated as unique. That is why we do not “copy-paste” solutions. Everything we recommend will be applicable to your particular needs.


  • Responsibility for budgets and deadlines. Planning and control 

At the start of every project, we design a strategy, forecast a timeline and a budget and plan ahead for any risks. After that, we stick to the plan and shield you from any complications resulting from time or cost overruns.


  • Excitement/Commitment

We love what we do. Although we have been doing it for years, we are still excited by every task we face in our professional area.